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Kura Café: Another good reason to venture out of Södermalm

UPDATE – JULY 2013 I have one good news and one bad news. The bad news: Kura is no longer on Torsgatan in Vasastan. A great loss for the neighborhood. The good news: Kura is now part of this new … Continue reading

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Mellqvist: if you love coffee, music, photos…

Recycling in Stockholm requires commitment. I come from a place where recycling, just like garbage, is being collected at people’s doors once or twice a week. All you have to do is get the recycling bin on the sidewalk on … Continue reading

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Kaffeverket: Another good reason to love Sankt Eriksplan

I started Swedish classes a few weeks ago and I remain extremely motivated despite the very slow progress. I’m afraid this probably contributed to increasing my annoyance level for my colleagues by a factor of 10. They remain very polite … Continue reading

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Café Birger no 76: an oasis of calm before a crazy day

When I woke up today, I knew it would be a crazy day. In fact, the madness started yesterday so there were no surprises today. Last week I offered my friend AP to help her move. She didn’t have much … Continue reading

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Fotografiska: Museum café at its best

I can’t really explain why but I always loved museums’ cafés. I remember going to Centre Pompidou in Paris just for coffee. Most of the time I would not even bother with the exhibits. Same thing at the National Art … Continue reading

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Brasco: I bet you can’t get through breakfast without saying three words

It has been a busy week at work and I didn’t really have time to think about my weekend’s café excursion. In fact, I also had to work on Saturday, which meant one less day to explore Stockholm’s coffee shops. … Continue reading

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Amsterdam: Coffee, Art and Friends

Today is another “red day” in Sweden, which means that it is a holiday. After my experiences of Christmas’ eve and New Year’s eve, I was anticipating another day where everything would be closed. After spending too much time cleaning … Continue reading

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Coffice: Going to work has never been so much fun

Today is one of those days where I don’t have to work while almost everything else is open in Stockholm. I had planned to do a short day trip to Uppsala. I even had a café to visit, thanks to … Continue reading

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Café Macchiato: Beautiful Coffee

On my way to Eclair, I walked past at least ten coffee shops that would deserve a visit in the very near future. And one would definitely be visited on my way back from Eclair. The challenge: which one to … Continue reading

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Twang: Rock & Roll Café

Dead disco, dead funk, dead rock and roll! That was the Metric song playing on my iPhone as I walked into Twang Gitarrer och Kaffe. Very appropriate! Twang is also located on Katarina Bangata! It is a guitar shop AND … Continue reading

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