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I enjoy reading all kind of blogs and, thanks to my iPad, I do spend a lot of time in cafes reading random blogs. However, in the last few months I started following a few of them on a regular basis and I thought you should know about these blogs too! That should also give you a sense of what my interests – other than coffee – are… Enjoy!

1- Sparrow in the tree top

This blog is written by a friend that I am slowly getting to know better through her posts. If you like travels, nice photos, beautiful recipes and the occasional life advice, this blog is for you. I really enjoyed working with Emily in a previous life and her “joie de vivre” is very present throughout her blog.

2- Curious Cat on the Run

There are many travel blogs out there but Cat’s blog caught my attention for at least two reasons: 1) she is doing what I wish I had done when I was 25; and 2) she is traveling to places I have been or I really want to go.

3-Marina Chetner: Be Inspired Through Travel

Just like Curious Cat on the Run, Marina is from Australia. She now lives in Brooklyn and  I never stop being amazed by her beautiful photos of New York.

4- Violets and Cardamom

Everything that makes life better seems to have a place on this blog, including food, music and travel. And the blogger has a real talent to communicate her passions.

5- Travel on My Mind

Jenny blogs about “past, current and future travels”.  She has already been to some 45 countries, although her blog seems to focus mostly on Central America (at least for now). Jenny is from Göteborg in Sweden. She was kind enough to offer to recommend some nice cafés when I make it to her city!

6- 6 Months to Live: The Experiment Continues

Don’t get fooled by the title. This blog is full of life! Jacqueline is perfectly healthy, and she started her experiment–choosing life for life’s sake. Instead of doing “all the things she always wanted to do in an escalating crescendo previewing an ultimate finale”, she is taking 6 months at a time and goes for it. Inspiring!

7- Journal of an adventurous mother

Sarah has a very inspiring blog about balancing her priorities in life: family and travel. After a “short” interlude Sarah is hitting the road again, sharing her adventures, including the preparation for Nepal in April 2012.

8- Ms Eleva Levon Traveling

There are many things in Elena’s blog that make me coming back on a regular basis, but the one that I appreciate the most is freedom. If I ever publish a dictionary, I will put Elena’s photo next to “freedom”.

9- Me & Beirut

The woman behind this blog says: “I looove fashion, magazines, newspapers, CAFÉS, museums, biscuits and travelling!”… well, that is quite a bit to keep me interested. And of course, she lives in Beirut, a place where I’d love to go back!

10- Bringing you Beirut

I never get tired of good blogs from Beirut. For me, it all started with her post on Beiteddine. So you can expect to get more than Beirut. From Baalbeck to Tyre, this is a nice virtual trip to Lebanon.

11- Belgrade Streets

It is always nice to meet another expat who fell in love with the White City. Here you can see some of the best photos of Beograd. I spend a lot of time on this blog when I feel “homesick”!

17 Responses to Blogs I follow

  1. After following your blog for a while, I hadn’t spotted this page and your very kind reference to belgradestreets, hope all is well with you, been a while since you posted?


    • Hi Andy,

      It’s nice to hear from you. It has been a while, indeed. It is certainly not because of a lack of nice cafés in Stockholm. It is a lame excuse but it has been quite busy lately. Hope to get back at it sooner than later. I am also hoping to be in BG soon so that I can buy your book!


  2. Thank you for my mention – I wonder how I didn’t see this post as I always follow your blog?! I so appreciate it and you have a lovely list of blogs listed here – I’m going to take a look at the ones I haven’t viewed before. Thank you again – it means alot to me 🙂

  3. Me & Beirut says:

    Wow, just discovered your mention! Thank youuuuu so much or Merci ktir, as we say here in Beirut 😉 I’m really enjoying your blog too and will definitely have a look at the great blogs mentioned above 🙂

    • My pleasure 😉 I am pretty sure that whoever stops by my blog will enjoy yours!
      And thanks for making me smile with “merci ktir”. I had a few Lebanese friends in Paris and I remember that for a long time I was trying to say thank you in Arabic until I heard them all say merci (actually it sounded more like “maarsi”). That made my life a bit easier when I finally visited Lebanon 😉

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I had no idea I was on your list–thank you! That means a lot to me. I’ve also really enjoyed reading your adventures!

    • I really enjoy your blog so it is totally natural that you appear on this page. My blog is fairly modest but I’m glad to see that everyday a few readers also get to your blog through mine. I am sure they enjoy it as much as I do.

      • Jacqueline says:

        That is so nice of you to say, and I definitely have enjoyed reading your adventures. I think it’s great that you’re living a life you really enjoy–very inspiring for me!

  5. Thanks for the mention! I miss Stockholm a lot and that pic at the top of your blog makes me miss it all the more!

  6. Jenny Trozell says:

    Wow, Jokkmokk, that sounds exotic 🙂 I have never been further than Uppsala actually. The north part of Sweden is like another country to me. I would like to go once to Jukkasjärvi to see the icehotel. I wish you a nice trip and I am glad you like my post from Guatemala!

    • Yes, Jokkmokk should be interesting, especially since it will be during the winter market. So far I’ve been to Kiruna (I also saw the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi but didn’t stay there) and Umeå… time to start looking south 😉
      Going to look at your photos from Flores now.

  7. Jenny Trozell says:

    Hello 🙂 I feel very honoured to be mentioned here on your blog! Thank you 🙂 Right now my blog is indeed very Central America focused and will be for the next three month or so. Hope you´re having a great weekend in Stockholm discovering new cafees. Btw, don´t know about your film interest but want to recommend you this:

    • Hello Jenny! I’m glad I found your blog and I hope that some of the people who stop by mine will also have the pleasure of traveling “with you” in Central America and everywhere else. Thanks for the link to the GIFF! Every time I go back home I spend a lot of time at the Bytowne cinema (, one of the best places to see European and independent movies in Ottawa. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to GIFF this year as I will be in Jokkmokk at the time. I will try to plan better next year!
      P.S. Love the colors in your photos from Guatemala!

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