Le Café: not a bad name for the first post from Seoul

It feels a bit strange being back here after almost three years! I started the Red Pants and a Mustache blog back in September 2011 in Stockholm. I blogged about cafés in Stockholm for about three years, until my girlfriend (now wife) moved with me from Paris and my weekends got busy with other activities.

Ever since we moved to Seoul in September 2016, my wife has been suggesting that I should blog again. Part of me wanted to but I felt overwhelmed by this city, everything that I had to discover, explore, and I wanted to use the little time left for really important things, like sleeping for example!

Now that I have been here for over a year and that I know that I’ll be here for a few more years, I feel like I could give it a try. So here I am!

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I would be writing this post today. The only plan I had was to have lunch at Vegetus, a vegan restaurant in HBC. My wife had ordered food at Sprout and the idea was to walk to HBC, have lunch there, pick up the food and get back home. The perfect lazy Sunday. However, we finished lunch around 2:00 pm and had an hour to kill before picking up the food. That’s how we ended up at Le Café.


My wife sang with a choir in this neighborhood earlier this year. She had been to Le Café and told me the coffee was good. I did not need any more convincing to go in. The place is pretty small (5 or 6 tables), and the atmosphere is quite relaxing. Other customers included a couple of girls busy with their laptops, a young couple just holding hands and another couple who looked like they were models for COS.


The coffee is pretty good. I had a caramel macchiato, which almost felt like I was having dessert. It was a nice change from all the Americanos I drink too often in Seoul.

There is also a small but interesting menu. However, after the excellent vegan burger I just had at Vegetus, I just couldn’t have any of the banana or citron bread. There are also sandwiches (panini) on the menu.


While there are millions (I’m not kidding) of cafés in Seoul, I suspect I will be back at Le Café. Indeed, when we feel like non-Korean food, we often end up in HBC. And I definitely want to try the carrot cake or the banana bread!


Le Café, 용산구 용산동2가 44-8, HBC, Seoul

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  1. Daniel Hosseus says:

    OMG, it’s alive! 🙂

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