Café Lazy House: Heaven in Gamla Stan

It had been a while since I last was here! I guess I have been lazy. There has been a worrying trend recently in Stockholm with the big coffee chains opening new shops every where in town. Even the big American brands which, until recently, were limited to the airport and the train station are now opening up stores in the city. As a result, I spent most of my time enjoying coffee in places I knew, places I like, places that are reassuring! But then, I noted a few new places that deserved some attention, and Café Lazy House was at the top of my list!


I had checked out some reviews about the place before leaving home this morning and I learned that Café Lazy House was run by a young couple. Actually, there were a few 20-something in the place this morning and I was really impressed by the atmosphere they managed to create in Gamla Stan. I always thought that the old town was mostly a tourist trap. With Café Lazy House, these guys prove that you can be cool right in the middle of the biggest touristic area!


I may have been impressed by the look of the place as soon as I walked in but I am a difficult customer. I also expect good quality food and coffee! And guess what, Café Lazy House is doing great in that department too! In fact, my only problem was that everything looked good!

From croissants to bullars...

From croissants to bullars… and look, the maple syrup comes from Canada!

I went for a 10k run this morning and was back home even before sunrise! This is not only about bragging, this is also about justifying all the food I had at Café Lazy House! To be honest, I was full after the wonderful broccoli and blue cheese pie (served with an excellent salad) but I just could not resist the chocolate cookies with smarties. And while I was first attracted to the smarties, the cookie itself was one of the best I had in Stockholm!



Run to Café Lazy House. This is one of the best things that happened to Gamla Stan in 2014. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is cozy and the food is great.

Café Lazy House, Stora Nygatan 26, Stockholm (Gamla Stan)

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3 Responses to Café Lazy House: Heaven in Gamla Stan

  1. Andy Townend says:

    Great to see you back again, miss these cups of coffee in real places! Cafe lazy house looks great!

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