Cosy Café: Another good option in the Old Town

Recently I realized that I had no reason really to rush home at night after work. As a result, I decided to walk the most pleasant routes back home, not necessarily the fastest one. This is how I noticed a new – or at least new to me – café in Gamla Stan: Cosy Café. Personally I find the name a bit cheesy but it looked pretty nice inside. Unfortunately, by the time I’d walk by at night (usually between 19:00 and 20:00), it was closed, or about to close. While I avoid most cafés in Gamla Stan – not because they are not good but because they offer a product that is not what I am looking for, i.e. services to tourists and/or irregular clients – I was prepared to check out this Cozy Café this weekend.


Cozy Café is indeed a nice place with extremely friendly staff. Options for fika are consistent with what one would find in most cafés in Sweden, with the usual Choklabollar!


However, this morning I found something at Cozy Café that I had never seen before. Maybe because I am usually attracted by the more generous pieces of cake. In any event, I could see from the description that it was something dipped in white chocolate. Basically, it was pretty much what we call a Swiss roll in Canada, but dipped in white chocolate.


It was about noon when I got to Cozy Café and I had a bit of time before catching a movie at 15:15. I had a light and funny book with me and I was planning to spend some time at Cozy Café, comfortably sitting in a leather chair on the second floor, in the middle of all the posters which looked like they were straight from a teenager’s room, and with a nice views on the cakes down below!



Unfortunately, a bunch of guys came in just before me. They were tourists from the UK, Australia, or maybe New Zealand (I’ve never been good at figuring out the different English accents that are not North American!). Turns out these guys would have fit better in the place next door (an Irish pub). They were loud, trying unsuccessfully to be funny with the staff, and were not in a hurry to leave. I think I was partly annoyed because they disrupted my plans to read quietly in a nice, cozy café. But I guess I was also a bit annoyed out of jealousy. It might have to do with the lifestyle I have chosen, but I don’t get to go out for brunch on Sunday mornings very often with a group of friends. At the same time, I don’t know if I’d do it very often even if I was given the opportunity.

I decided not to spend too much time thinking about that at the moment and accepted that this morning I was looking for quietness. As soon as I was done with my latté, I moved to another café. I knew that the other one would be just as loud, but that’s ok because I expected it. So, I will definitely go back to Cosy Café, but maybe a bit earlier in the morning when the loud tourists are still sleeping after a late Friday night out!


Cosy Café, Stora Nygatan, Stockholm (Gamla Stan)

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5 Responses to Cosy Café: Another good option in the Old Town

  1. I used to feel the same way when confronted with Sunday brunches in Montreal – and no, I never go brunching with friends (or family) here in Stockholm 🙂

  2. Jenny Trozell says:

    You have been active yesterday 😉 Nice to see you´re back! Any plans on coming to Göteborg?

    • Indeed! 3 reviews this weekend 😉
      No firm plans to go to Göteborg in the near future but I should seriously think about it. So far in 2014 I have been mostly up north: Luleå, Umeå and Jokkmokk. It’s time to go west!!!
      Hope all is well on your side of the country! And let me know if you have any plans to come on this side.

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