Barista: where fair trade coffee meets good cinema

After my somewhat disappointing experience with the first café this Sunday morning, I headed towards Barista on Götgatan in Södermalm. Barista Fair Trade Coffee was created in 2006. Today, there are about 20 cafés in 7 different Swedish cities. I have been to the one in Södermalm many times, as it is located in one of my favourite cinemas in town: Bio Victoria.


I can’t explain why I never included Barista in this blog before. The coffee is great, the atmosphere is fun, the staff is friendly, there is a large selection of cakes (but also salads and sandwiches), and I go there all the time. In addition to promoting fair trade coffee, Barista also supports a wonderful cause with the UN to provide meals to students in Ethiopia. When buying a “membership card”, a Barista’s customer gets 10% off the bill, and Barista makes a contribution to a school in Ethiopia. You can learn more about this nice initiative here.  I did not know about this initiative until I was offered to buy a card today. Which I did, together with my latté and a chocolate chip cheesecake!


Barista has all kind of nice organic, environment friendly and fair trade stuff on its menu.


Being located in a cinema with seven screens, the place is always busy and noisy. It can also be difficult at time to get a table. Thankfully I got there at a good moment today and I managed to get a table on the second floor (that seems to be the theme of the day), again with a nice view on all the cakes on the first floor!


And after another nice fika at Barista, the Sunday afternoon ended with a beautiful movie: Inside Llewin Davis from the Cohens brothers. The movie won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Festival in 2013. I have now seen the three movies that won the main prizes at Cannes in 2013: La vie d’Adèle (Blue is the warmest color) which got the Palme d’Or, Like Father, Like Son which got the Jury Prize, and now Inside Llewin Davis, and I highly recommend all of them.


I usually hate Sunday evenings because it  means the weekend is about to end. However, the good thing about this week is that Stockholm’s Tempo Documentary Festival begins on Tuesday. That means that I’ll spend a bit of time at Victoria this week. This means more coffee at Barista… and probably more cakes too!

Barista, Götgatan 67, 116 21 Stockholm (Södermalm)

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