Red Pants and a Mustache: New and Improved

Well, kind of. But I am pleased to announce the launch of a new page on this blog: The Coffee Map! Designed for Stockholm residents and visitors (sorry, if you read this blog only because you think I am such a great writer, this new page won’t be of much interest to you!), it allows readers to pick a nice café near their current location. This can be extremely convenient if, for example, you are in an urgent need of good coffee in Kungsholmen and you can only remember the nice ones in Södermalm. Look at the map, identify the nearest blue marker and click on it for a full Red Pants and a Mustache description.

The page for the Coffee Map is also easily accessible from the top menu, right below the photo of Stockholm.

You’re welcome. Now it’s time for coffee!

About redpantsandamustache

The older I get, the more I drink coffee.
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2 Responses to Red Pants and a Mustache: New and Improved

  1. This is very cool!!! I’m impressed 😀

  2. Lissette says:

    It would be useful for those who wants to “imagine” a cup of coffee too! even if they are not there!!! 😉

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