Warning: This Post is not about Coffee

… it’s about bragging. Well, kind of. You see, over a year ago – in April 2012 to be precise, I  said here that I had now accepted that I would never run a half marathon under two hours. Sure, it is always nice to see our times go down but I do enjoy running in itself and I did not want the pressure of performing to ruin that pleasure. Well, that was until earlier this year when I did the Paris half marathon with my girlfriend. I had been training quite hard and I was hoping to do a decent time. My girlfriend is in pretty good shape. She does all kind of sports but she had been running very little so I was not sure what to expect. On that day she finished 24 minutes ahead of me. That was a wake up call! Not because I am competitive and cannot accept being slower than her. I was, I am and I will always be. But I realized that if I wanted to keep up with her – not only running, but also hiking and any other sports – I had to step my game up. And I did. To be totally fair, I still haven’t done a half marathon under two hours. But I came damn close this time: 2h00m31s. It was a long road to get there!


Belgrade half marathon: 2h26m


Ottawa Army Run: 2h33m


Ottawa Race weekend: 2h25m


Stockholm half marathon: 2h22m


Kungsholmen half marathon: 2h19m


Paris half marathon: 2h18m

Kungsholmen half marathon: 2h06m

Stockholm half marathon: 2h00m

I have a bunch of friends running a half marathon next weekend, including the Army Run. Most of them are much faster than I am. But that doesn’t matter. What really matters is why are running. And most people I know run to enjoy this after the run (or similar kind of beverages!).

Have a good run all.

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6 Responses to Warning: This Post is not about Coffee

  1. Jenny Trozell says:

    Well done 🙂

  2. Excellent! Look forward to watching those times fall! Good luck! Andy

  3. This is awesome!! I think it’s really cool to chronicle a step like this… and also you’ve shaved 30 minutes off of your time! I don’t think I’ve EVER made that much progress. Persistence and perseverance my friend well done!!

    I’ll need your speedy/positive thoughts next week when I’m suffering through the Army. It’s just silly that I’m doing it. I’m kicking myself right now for having said yes!

    ps. I haven’t been able to get my WP account to comment on your last few posts (I typed up a big comment for your last one and then it didn’t work for me! So I’m going back to do that now!) but I finally clued in to using Twitter 🙂 It’s still me though!

    • Well, it took a bit of humility to post those times up there but as I said, there is more to running than just the times! I agree that it was nice to see the progress in the last few years!

      It is a bit hard to believe that you can be worried for the Army Run. You did so well at the Ottawa Race Weekend! I’m sure you’ll do great again. Just remember to enjoy the run. Hopefully the weather will be nice. The Army Run is such a nice thing to do, and for such a good cause.

      I’m sorry I missed your previous comments and I am glad that you found a way to be back here again!

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