Tårtan: doing very well, even without the girl with the piano tattoo

One of the closest cafés to my place is located on Hornsgatan, right on the corner of Maria Trappgränd. I understand there has been a café there for quite some time. I believe it used to be called Café Puck before I moved here. It was then called Franzéns, a place I used to go all the time. Then it changed name again and, for some reasons, I stopped going to that café. Partly because I was too busy exploring new places. But every time I passed by Tårtan in the last few months, I promised myself that I would have coffee there “this week”. Well, it took time but I finally did.


I felt really lazy this morning and I was almost happy that they were forecasting rain for today. So after breakfast, I did not even feel guilty when I went back to bed for my “morning nap”. When I woke up again around 10:30, I listened carefully, hoping to hear the sound of rain that would put me back to sleep. To my great disappointment, not only didn’t I hear rain, but I could also see rays of sun coming under the blinds.  I had reached the limits of my laziness and I kicked my ass so hard that in no time I had my running gear on and ready to go for a 10k run around Kungsholmen. I am pretty glad I did because that was by far my fastest 10k ever. I guess I felt motivated by the huge dark clouds that were making their ways over Stockholm. By the time I got back home, thundershowers were starting. But I felt good after the run so instead of going back to bed, I headed to Tårtan for lunch and a little bit of planning for my upcoming trip to Gotland.


There have been very few changes to the café with the transition from Franzéns to Tårtan, other than moving the counter a bit further in the back. The light cups in which cappuccino is served are probably the same. The menu looks pretty similar – which is a good thing – although there seems to be more cakes on the offer these days (another good thing). In my attempts to be somewhat reasonable, I decided to have the quinoa salad with chèvre and beets. That was delicious!


After spending some time eating the salad (those who know me will confirm that I am a very slow eater), I went through my Sweden travel guide and my Gotland hiking guide to start planning our 5-day vacation there at the end of June. That’s right, I am expecting a very important visitor from Paris in two weeks time. We will spend a couple of days in Stockholm before heading to Gotland. Although neither of us like to plan too much when we travel, I thought it would be good this time to have a vague idea of what we could do so that we can enjoy our time on the island as much as possible. I am very excited about this trip, mostly because of the company but also because I am sure Gotland will be great. And since I had worked so well, I thought I deserved a little reward. But that was not an easy decision.


In the end, I went for something chocolaty… yes, sometimes I can be very predictable!


I am glad I went to Tårtan today. The girl with the dragon tattoo might not be there anymore, but the girl working there today was very nice. I could tell that she was tempted to reply in English when I ordered in Swedish, but she kept speaking Swedish to me, simply slowing down a bit to make sure I understood. And for that, I am very grateful! By the time it was time to leave, the sun was back, and so were the customers on the sidewalk.


Tårtan, Hornsgatan 32, Stockholm (Södermalm)

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3 Responses to Tårtan: doing very well, even without the girl with the piano tattoo

  1. Emily says:

    Ahem – you should tell us a story or two of your time in Gotland!!

    I’m impressed by your persistence to master a Nordic language!! Do you have a knack for languages? It’s something I’ve always wanted to be good at, like singing.

    • Ha! I wish I had a knack for languages… but I am just stubborn! Thankfully, I also know when not to be stubborn and I stopped trying to sing a long time ago!

      Hum, I did not visit many cafés in Gotland but maybe I could make an exception and have a “travel” entry about Gotland here… meanwhile you know where you can find photos 😉

  2. So “Franzéns” is gone, but not really? Too bad but change is always interesting. Good entry!

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