Espressobaren Sorelle: what a difference a girl can make!

Without knowing for sure what is coming up, I feel pretty confident in saying that today will probably have been the most beautiful day of fall in Stockholm (ok, I know that technically this is still not fall but seasons are a bit different in Sweden!). A wonderful day to wander a bit further than usual and discover nice cafés outside Södermalm. Thanks to a tip by Kimsy, I had decided to go to Kungsholmen today. Just as I was about to leave the house, my friend AP offered to join me for fika before she went meeting some friends for a traditional Swedish activity: picking up mushrooms.  Since  she was meeting her friends at Slussen, I changed my plans and decided to return to Blooms, where I had been at the very beginning of this blog. To my great surprise, AP was almost on time…. You can read this post if you want to know what I mean. And there is a little bit more on AP here 😉

It was very nice of AP “to squeeze me in” (to use her own words) but as soon as she went to see her mushrooms picking friends, I returned to my original plans to go to Kungsholmen. Kimsy had kindly recommended that I visit Espressobaren Sorelle in Kungsholmen, commenting that the two sisters were delightful. Well, that was a mild way to put it.

Nice staff, good food!

Espressobaren is a wonderful place. As soon as I walked in, one of the sisters behind the counter greeted me with the nicest smile ever. And what was even nicer? Well, she spoke only Swedish to me. Even after I said that I was coming from Canada and that it was hard to learn the language since everybody here was speaking English. In fact, she suggested – with a nice smile – that I should pretend that I only spoke French and she kept speaking Swedish to me.

Espressobaren has a wonderful offer of nice coffee, sandwiches, cakes and awesome juices! After having ordered a sandwich and a cappuccino, I noticed juices on display in front of the counter and could not resist have the “green” one. It was orange juice with mint and ginger. Wonderful!

Espressobaren is full of life, with the two sisters singing and dancing when not chatting with customers. There is a large round table in one part of the café which almost made me feel like coming back there just to work…. but that nonsense did not last very long and I decided that I’d rather do my Swedish homework there. This is Kungsholmen after all, not an island where people work on weekends!

I like coffe. But I love cafés. And the difference between a good café and an ordinary one will almost always depend on the staff. The two sisters at Espressobaren proved once again what a difference staff can make. I am very glad I found Espressobaren today. A few weeks ago, Amsterdam – one of my favorite cafés in Södermalm – closed. The guys running the new place (Magnolia – stay tuned: coming to this blog shortly) told me that Edi and Samantha had decided to move to Chile. Amsterdam was that kind of place where I would go to see friends. I have the feeling that Espressobaren could become that new place. Of course, Amsterdam was less than 500 meters from my place. Still, it is worth going to Kungsholmen no matter where you live in Stockholm. The two sisters and the vibe at Espressobaren make all the difference. You should know, however, that the feeling of wellbeing from Espressobaren can affect your judgement. For some reasons, I thought after speaking a bit in Swedish that I was ready to read my first novel in Swedish. Now that I am back home, I am seriously wondering what the hell I was thinking!

Espressobaren Sorelle, Fridhemsgatan 15, 112 40 Stockholm (Kungsholmen)


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15 Responses to Espressobaren Sorelle: what a difference a girl can make!

  1. Me & Beirut says:

    “I like coffee but I love cafes”, niiice 🙂

  2. Interesting and nice reportage as always. I need to visit Stockholm soon to have a taste. Did you manage to read the book, by the way, it is in swedish, by a norwegian author. His language is known to be “easy” sort of, but I have read only 1/2 book by Loe until now..

  3. Go for it! Of course you can read a Swedish novel!
    Je vais essayer Sorelle, je n’y suis jamais allée je pense. Surtout que j’habite à St:Eriksplan maintenant 🙂

  4. Love that first shot…great perspective.

  5. Wow… did you eat all that food? And what’s the title of that book for the sake of your English-only reader’s like myself!?
    ALSO… sorry to hear that Amsterdam closed…:( I hate change! (Well.. you know that!)

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