Hängmattan: where Latin America rhymes with vegan

The last couple of weeks have been extremely fun. First I had a great time in Göteborg for the Way out West music festival. On the day that I came back to Stockholm, my friend VL from Canada also arrived in Stockholm for a few days. A music festival plus a friend’s visit meant that I did not get much sleep in those seven days. Therefore, it was not totally surprising that I ended up with a bad cold after a cruise to Vaxholm last Monday. I also ended up spending 48 hours in bed and missing another friend’s farewell party on Friday. Thankfully I was well enough to go to a housewarming party last night. The hosts are amazing people and I am so grateful I met them early after my arrival in Sweden. And now that they moved to Södermalm we are practically neighbours. Nice!

Since I was just coming out of a cold, I was relatively reasonable at the party last night. Although we moved from the housewarming to the Grolsh Block Party Sverige (which coincided with the Stockholm Midnight Run), and then to the “Gat by Night Open Air House Party” at Gustav Adolfs Torg (as part of the STHLMs Kultur Festival), I only had a few glasses of wine and a couple of beers. As a result, I was more or less ok to go out for coffee on this sunny Sunday afternoon.

The plan today was to start by going to Stockholm’s mosque to take a few photos.  However, once I got there I realized that I wasn’t really inspired so I quickly gave up and started looking for a nice café.  Since I was so close to SoFo, where my friends had their housewarming party last night, and where I had sent my friend VL for her shopping expedition last week, I thought it would make sense to go back there. I expected to go to one of the many nice cafés I knew but had never visited. I ended up to a place I had never noticed before: Café Hängmattan.

It’s the nice “Make Musik Sthlm” poster that attracted my attention. That music festival took place on Sweden’s national Day. Interestingly enough, my friend who had the housewarming party last night was the woman who organized Make Musik Sthlm. I was one of the volunteers who, after having spent the day looking after musicians, ended up bartending all night. A pretty cool day (you can read more about my experience at Make Musik Sthlm here).

Café Hängmattan is a bit difficult to describe. It has a very easy-going vibe, with latin american music, colorful tables inside and very relaxed staff. It is also a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. I wasn’t really hungry when I visited Hängmattan but everything I have seen in the café looked delicious. And my double espresso was not bad at all.

Café Hängmattan is the perfect place if you are not in a rush, want to chill and do some people-watching (both inside and outside the café).  The smell of coffee and nice food, the good music, the art on the walls and the people around you all make for a nice fiesta for our senses.

I moved to Stockholm exactly a year ago. It is always a bit scary when you move to a new city on your own. Sometimes it has been challenging and there were a few weekends when I was wondering if I had made the wrong decision. Thankfully there were always nice cafés to distract me in those uncertain days. A year later, I can still find nice cafés in Stockholm. And what is even better is that I now feel like I have real friends in this city. I have this feeling that the 2nd year will be even better than the first one. It will certainly include sooner than later a proper vegetarian meal at Café Hängmattan.

Café Hängmattan, Södermannagatan 10, Stockholm (Södermalm).

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  1. That picture of the late above is bang on my friend!

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