Vurma: Being healthy as never been so easy!!

On my way to Copacabana last week, I walked by Vurma, which is in fact right across the street. I had a quick look inside through the window and I was pretty much decided that this is where I would go this weekend. Later that night, I went to AP’s birthday party. In most places I have been to, the best parties are always those happening in the kitchen. I guess it has to do with the fact that it is usually where one can find the booze and food. Anyway, that night I spent the first part of the party in the kitchen, talking to a guy who has a blog on cocktails. I ended up mentioning this blog and someone immediately asked if I had been to Vurma. Ah, nice coincidence! When I said that I had just seen it earlier today by Hornstull strand, I was told that there was also one in Kungsholmen. Aha! There was an opportunity to show that I am not so Södermalm-centric and I can get out of “my” island from time to time.

I had three objectives when I walked out of my flat this morning: 1) buy my bicycle season pass; 2) buy a local sim card for my future visitors; and 3) go to Vurma. It is now 15:00 and I am pleased to announce that it was a successful day!

As I walked towards Vurma this morning, I was really worried that the place would be full. After all, this is what happened in my previous attempts to go to cafés in Kungsholmen.  Surprisingly, Vurma was only half full this morning around 11:30. I was a bit puzzled because the place is really nice.

Swedish cafés are famous for their pastries, cakes and all kind of nice things like chocolate balls. Today I decided I would have a proper meal but for a second I thought I would never be able to make up my mind. So many nice sandwiches and salads on Vurma’s menu. And then I saw the quinoa salad with halloumi. It was served with a beautiful piece of bread. Now I wish I could have lunch at Vurma every day.

The staff was nice. Customers were a mix of cool people who would have fit in Södermalm (it felt like home) and the usual Stockholmers with a couple of babies. While it was a bit too warm inside Vurma, there was alot of nice aromatized water to keep me cool. I had a glass of each…

By the time I left, Vurma was pretty full. I think that only the table outside was free. But with the sun coming up and the day getting warmer, I suspect that even that table is taken now.

I mentioned that there is another Vurma in Söder. In fact, there are four locations in Stockholm: Södermalm, Östermalm, Kungsholmen and Vasastan. So, you can expect a few more Vurma posts in the coming weeks.

Vurma, Polhemsgatan 15, Kungsholmen, Stockholm

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8 Responses to Vurma: Being healthy as never been so easy!!

  1. Love that bright purple wall! And the quinoa salad with halloumi sounds amazing. I have to agree, parties do end up congregating around the kitchen. Drinks and food would be my guess too. 🙂

  2. Me & Beirut says:

    You’re so right about the parties in the kitchen! 😉

  3. Jenny Trozell says:

    Ha ha, I like this comment “In most places I have been to, the best parties are always those happening in the kitchen”, it is so Swedish 😉

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