Kaffeverket: The Real Thing

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Kaffeverket at St. Eriksplan. I immediately fell in love with this café, mostly for its relaxing Saturday morning mood. At that time, I noted that Kaffeverket had another address in Östermalm and I had promised myself that I would soon check out this second location. That was the plan for Saturday, until I got distracted by Muffin Bakery. However, I was decided not to fail two days in a row and when my friend GQ offered to grab coffee before going to the African Film Festival on Sunday, I suggested Kaffeverket on Snickarbacken.

As soon as I walked in the café, I knew this would be one of the top places in Stockholm. Not only has the café a great vibe, they also offer brewed coffee with the Chemex method. I love coffee but I am not an expert so I tend to trust the guys’ recommendations when I go to a serious place like Kaffeverket on Snickarbacken. In this case, he recommended either the Colombian or the Ethiopian brew. I was tempted by the Colombian but since GQ had a lot of Colombian coffee before, we went with the Ethiopian brew.

I did not have any of the cake, but according to GQ it was really good. Of course, good cafés tend to close early in Stockholm so we did not spend to much time at Kaffeverket this Sunday but I can see how this will become my regular spot in Östermalm.  Kaffeverket on Snickarbacken also has a cool dining room in the back, with an adjacent store which sells vintage clothes, CDs and posters. This is as cool as it gets in Östermalm 😉

Great coffee, friendly staff, nice atmosphere, cool customers…. I now have a good reason to go to Östermalm on weekends. The good thing is that Kaffeverket is not that far from the office. That would make a great spot for business meetings. In fact, I have already suggested to one of my teachers – the one who has been leaving comments on the other Kaffeverket post – to have my next lesson here.  Swedish classes with a nice teacher in one of Stockholm’s best cafés…. life’s not bad 😉

Kaffeverket, Snickarbacken 7, Östermalm, Stockholm

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The older I get, the more I drink coffee.
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4 Responses to Kaffeverket: The Real Thing

  1. I have always wanted to try coffee with the Chemex method but never have. I have been told that it is good and your endorsement is further proof! 🙂

  2. Love the Chemex and Ethiopian brew!

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