Café Sodom: Yes… and much more than that!

I managed to avoid all the St. Patrick Day craziness last night and, as a result, I was out the door by 7:30 this morning for a nice 10k run that took me from Södermalm to Kungsholmen, Norrmalm, Gamla Stan and back to Södermalm. This is a bit unusual but I knew exactly where I’d have lunch as a reward for this run: Café Sodom!

Café Sodom is, according to Google Map, less than 500 meters from my place and I have only noticed it yesterday when I took a little detour on my way to Slussen. Unfortunately Café Sodom was closed when I passed by early on Saturday morning  but I promised myself to come back for lunch the next day.

Ok, I will admit that at first I was a bit intrigued by the name.  After a few seconds I stopped thinking about it and in fact I was only reminded of the misunderstanding such a name could cause after a few friends commented on my checking-in at the café. Now, I am not sure anymore if the name means anything but I don’t really care … ok, now that I had another look at the logo of Café Sodom, I will admit that it probably means what my friends are thinking but I still don’t care 😉

At first, Café Sodom didn’t feel like anything one would find in Södermalm. It looked pretty old, with a kitchen and working area looking like they would benefit from some renovation. The state of some chairs made me think that they probably have been in the café since it opened in 1937. But then, after a few seconds in the café, everything seemed right.

To be totally honest, I am not quite sure I understand what Café Sodom is. According to a website/blog that doesn’t seem to have been updated since April 2011, Sodom is some kind of a collective café or coop (Swedish friends, feel free to help me here!). It is also a bookstore with some interesting titles (including “Våga Fellatio“)!

Café Sodom has also some nice art on its walls. When you walk in you may think that it is only a bunch of paintings that have been put on the wall without much thinking being put in the process. I am not convinced!

Café Sodom has huge sandwiches! Thankfully, the girl behind the counter saw on my face that I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw the sandwiches and she offered me half of one. Even after a 10k run that was sufficient (although I eventually got a chocolate croissant later in the afternoon!).

Café Sodom is yet another illustration that sometimes it makes sense to take a detour. Instead of going straight to Slussen yesterday, I went through Bellmansgatan and I discovered a nice café. I also found some cool art on the street. You know life is good where you live when art like this exists.

Café Sodom, Bellmansgatan 26, Stockholm

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8 Responses to Café Sodom: Yes… and much more than that!

  1. Jenny Trozell says:

    The mouse is not real?

  2. Café Sodom doesn’t seem to live up to its name… ! 😉

  3. Great post! It’s always good to find something new, especially in your own neighbourhood! Fun street art too! I like your detour:-)

    • Thanks Marina! There are so many great places to go in Stockholm that it can be hard sometimes to find the right balance between going for something new and going to places I love. I would definitely need longer weekends 😉

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