Tully’s: Det blir femitofem kronor!

– Kan jag få en cappuccino och en choklad muffin?

– Var det bra så?

– Ja, tack.

– Det blir femtiofem kronor.

I got up really early morning. I mean really, really early. So much that by 8:30 I had sent a few work emails AND cleaned my flat (I even washed the floor!). That means I was on the streets a bit too early for Stockholm. I had planned to stop at my favorite magazine store before going for breakfast at Twang. Well, the store was only opening at 10:00, and so were most cafés in Södermalm. But right across the street from the magazine store on Götgatan is Tully’s. And Tully’s was open!

Opening early

Tully’s is not exactly the kind of cafés I usually look for in Stockholm. It is located on Södermalm’s main street and it is huge. Not exactly the kind of café where the staff will take the time to chat with the customers. But this morning I almost fell in love with Tully’s! To be fair, this has nothing to do with the coffee or the muffin. But the short dialogue at the beginning of this post – which lasted less than 20 seconds – made me really happy! I managed to order in Swedish and the girl behind the counter replied in Swedish immediately, which makes me believe that she never thought of answering back in English. And, just as importantly, I was not guessing the answer! I did actually hear and understand every word 😉

Kan jag få en cappuccino och en choklad muffin?

Being on Götgatan, Tully’s probably attracts a mix of Swedes in need of a break from shopping and the usual tourists with their big cameras around their neck. While Tully’s is not really a café where regulars meet all the time, it does a pretty decent job at creating a warm atmosphere. It was pretty quiet early this morning but I can easily imagine how groups of friends could spend a lot of time here on a Saturday afternoon.

A quiet spot to read newspapers

Tully’s has a nice menu – both for coffees and food. You can also buy coffee beans if you would rather have coffee at home. Another good thing about Tully’s? They’re open until 10:00 pm every night!

Tully’s, Götgatan 42, Stockholm (Södermalm)

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6 Responses to Tully’s: Det blir femitofem kronor!

  1. Jenny Trozell says:

    Well done 😉

  2. great stuff, speaking in Swedish! I guess those lessons are paying off 😉

  3. Me & Beirut says:

    Happy for you and your language skills 🙂 How is it when you take your photos in the cafés? Do you ask for permission? Did anybody bother you yet? Last week, when I was taking photos in a restaurant, the boss asked me, half kidding but also half seriously, not to forget about the copyright… Aha.

    • Tack så mycket 😉
      I usually ask permission if I take photos of the staff, which does not happen very often. Or this time when I asked a girl to help me prove that one of the narrowest streets in Europe was in fact in Stockholm 😉
      Otherwise I just do my thing and I never had any issues. But now you make me wondering…

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