Lilla Caféet på Söder: Another cool café in SoFo

It took a while before I was able to move into my flat at Slussen. When I first arrived in Stockholm I spent more than 3 weeks in a small room in Gärdet. It was ok for a couple of weeks but when it became obvious that my apartment wouldn’t be ready for another month, I managed to move into a temporary apartment on Katarina Bangata, in the SoFo district of Södermalm. SoFo stands for “South of Folkungagatan”. It even has its own website! From what I can tell, people in Stockholm either love SoFo (usually those who live in Södermalm) or make fun of it (usually those from Östermalm). I am with the first group!

I have been to quite a few cafés in SoFo, including on Katarina Bangata. I had also been to Lilla Caféet på Söder, which was on my way to the subway. This morning I resisted the temptation of going back to Twang and decided to pay Lilla a proper visit.

Lilla has everything I like about cafés: good coffee, nice food menu, friendly staff and a cool atmosphere. Lilla offers the traditional Swedish goodies that one can find in a café, from the pannkakor to the semlor! But, as I found out today, they also have falafel with hummus! This is definitively a plus in Stockholm, where, after a few disappointing experiences, I had to resign myself and make my own hummus (which was a success thanks to Violet and Cardamom).

From the guitar on the wall to the stairs leading to the first floor where a few additional tables are available, everything looks cool at Lilla. This is also true for the Swedish cartoons everywhere on the walls.

Vad åt ni till frukost?

After the muffin I had earlier in the morning at Tully’s, I wasn’t really hungry when I got to Lilla. That was unfortunate because I really wanted to have some hummus. That’s ok because I know I’ll be back soon. So, this morning I simply had a latté, which I enjoyed while reading GQ (British edition). That was the result of my decision to diversify a bit the magazines I read, which are usually only music magazines. I am not convinced yet (especially after reading the section about the “worst-dressed men”… I’m afraid GQ would certainly feel that I belong in that section 😉 Anyway, I still enjoyed the article (and photos) with Keira Knightley!

A latté with Keira

Lilla Caféet på Söder, Ringvägen 131, 116 61 Stockholm

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5 Responses to Lilla Caféet på Söder: Another cool café in SoFo

  1. Kristina says:

    Lovely! Stockholm cafes are a delight! D

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  3. This place may be my favorite of all the ones you have gone to so far! Love the atmosphere inside. And love your photos! They are totally helping to sell the place!! 🙂

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