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Kafé Esaias: Miracle on Drottninggatan

A few weeks after moving to Stockholm, I had coffee with the sister of a friend from Beograd. At that time, AP (yes, the friend who recently moved to Sankt Eriksplan) told me that it was unusual for people from … Continue reading

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Lilla Caféet på Söder: Another cool café in SoFo

It took a while before I was able to move into my flat at Slussen. When I first arrived in Stockholm I spent more than 3 weeks in a small room in Gärdet. It was ok for a couple of … Continue reading

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Tully’s: Det blir femitofem kronor!

– Kan jag få en cappuccino och en choklad muffin? – Var det bra så? – Ja, tack. – Det blir femtiofem kronor. I got up really early morning. I mean really, really early. So much that by 8:30 I … Continue reading

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Liebster Blog Award: Spreading the Love on Valentine’s Day

I have been following blogs for quite some time now but I started paying more attention recently when I created my own blog.  And I discovered quite a few amazing people out there. My blog is much more modest but … Continue reading

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Mellqvist: if you love coffee, music, photos…

Recycling in Stockholm requires commitment. I come from a place where recycling, just like garbage, is being collected at people’s doors once or twice a week. All you have to do is get the recycling bin on the sidewalk on … Continue reading

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Kaffeverket: Another good reason to love Sankt Eriksplan

I started Swedish classes a few weeks ago and I remain extremely motivated despite the very slow progress. I’m afraid this probably contributed to increasing my annoyance level for my colleagues by a factor of 10. They remain very polite … Continue reading

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Café Montmartre: With Cesária Evora and Joan Miro!

I spent most of last week outside the office at a conference in Jokkmokk, northern Sweden. In fact, Jokkmokk is so north that it is within the Arctic circle. That does not happen very often since I moved to Stockholm … Continue reading

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