Schweizerkonditoriet: sometime we need a tourist trap

When I first moved to Stockholm a couple of months ago I spent a lot of time in the old town – Gamla Stan. It is a very small and beautiful island. It is by far the most touristic part of Stockholm. This, in some senses, was fairly reassuring when I didn’t really know my way around the city. In Gamla Stan it doesn’t really matter if you look like a lost tourist. You are surrounded by thousands of those! When I got to know the city a little bit more – which by pure chance – coincided with the time I moved to Södermalm, I avoided Gamla Stan. That wasn’t really for me now that I was a”local”…. Of course, that is not fair. Gamla Stan is really beautiful. You just have to look for those little gems that are not only selling “I love Swedish Girls/Boys” t-shirts.

Ever since my first weekend in Stockholm I’ve been telling myself that I would go to Schweizerkonditoriet. Located on the main street of Gamla Stan, it feels like this café has been there forever. Seen from the outside, it really feels warm and the food is always really tempting.


I was walking on Gamla Stan’s main street, listening to music when at some point First Aid Kit’s “Ghost Town” came up. And this is exactly how I felt in Stockholm today. I haven’t been here for a full year so it is too early to say but I have the feeling that December 24th is probably the only day where Stockholm feels like a ghost town. Everything – well almost everything – is closed today. I would be tempted to expect the same thing for tomorrow, although I’ve been told that December 25th is a big day for bars and clubbing in Stockholm. We shall see.

When I realized that everything seemed to be closed on Södermalm I quickly came to the conclusion that if there were a place where I could have coffee today it would be in Gamla Stan. And I was right.

Schweizerkonditoriet was one of the few cafés open today. Seen from the inside though it didn’t feel as warm as I was hoping. Maybe because everything else was closed so it also attracted a different clientele, including the loud Russians drinking beer at the table next to mine. And one cannot make a mistake when walking into Schweizerkonditoriet. This place caters to tourists!

Welcome (in Russian)

I was supposed to meet up with my friend RF today at an electronic store and set up new speakers at his place. Well, the store was closed so he joined me for coffee. He had a latte and I had a cappuccino. The most expensive coffee I had so far in Stockholm. 85 SEK for a latte and a cappuccino!

An expensive cappuccino

RF and I often argue. We rarely agree on anything. But this time we both agreed that this was not the best coffee we had in Stockholm. It could be that Schweizerkonditoriet was a bit overwhelmed today, being one of the few open cafés and with so many customers. To be fair, others have obviously enjoyed their time here.

Nice words from France

I will give Schweizerkonditoriet another chance in the very near future. Even if I didn’t have anything to eat, I still think from what I have seen on other tables that the food looks delicious. And I can only admire their love for the princess and the prince!

Schweizerkonditoriet, Västerlånggatan 9, 111 29 Stockholm

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6 Responses to Schweizerkonditoriet: sometime we need a tourist trap

  1. I was wondering what the Russian script was doing in the cafe. Thankfully, I can read it (still!) I guess the Ruski’s are waiting for January 7th to celebrate? Hope the coffee gets better there in the meantime :)…

    • I’m pretty sure the coffee can be good there too. I just have to be a bit more strategic and pick the right day! I lived in a Slavic country for a few years and I enjoyed the month-long holiday season, starting with Sveti Nikola all the way to the Orthodox new year 😉
      I would love to learn Russian one day. It is not that far from the other Slavic language(s) I speak but different enough that I can’t really understand it. Why did you learn Russian? If I remember correctly there is a beautiful Russian church off Park avenue and around 95th.

      • My parents are Russian! And I my mum is a Russian school teacher so i went to Russian school in Sydney. I referred a little to it in one of my earliest posts:
        My husband actually got christened at that church off of Park Avenue before we got married at my home church (in Sydney). The archbishop in NY is a wonderful man and hopefully we’ll see him over NY and Orthodox Xmas. If you go to Sydney, you can visit the church featured in the post. It’s small though has alot of meaning to me. I hope you get to learn some Russian! I need to learn French 🙂 Have you made it to Russia yet?

      • Thanks for the link. Another nice post! And I will certainly visit the church in Sydney when I go there (it is really a question of when and not if).
        I haven’t made it to Russia yet. Many years ago I had applied for a job in Moscow and I ended up in Paris… I guess I will have to go as a tourist! I am not very far anyway! After this exchange I am seriously thinking of hosting an Orthodox Christmas party at my place for my Balkans and Russian friends here 😉

      • I would love to see your pictures from the Orthodox Christmas party! I will take some shots from the NY church for you on Jan 6th/7th midnight mass 🙂

      • Thanks Marina. I look forward to seeing the photos from the January 6/7 mass at the NY church. Happy mellandagarna! … sorry, I don’t think there is a word in English for this Swedish expression 😉

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