Twang: Rock & Roll Café

Dead disco, dead funk, dead rock and roll! That was the Metric song playing on my iPhone as I walked into Twang Gitarrer och Kaffe. Very appropriate!

Twang is also located on Katarina Bangata! It is a guitar shop AND café. Pretty cool concept. The guitar shop sells all the nice brands like Gibson or Fender. The café, of course, is highly influenced by guitar and music more generally. And when you walk in the café, you are already in good company. And I am not talking only about the staff!

Twang describes itself as a cozy café where locals, musicians, kids, families meet. I guess I will have to fit into the “locals” category…. they also “try to make the best coffee”. As I said before, not easy to say where the best coffee is but staff at Twang certainly make me feel welcomed enough that I really enjoyed the coffee and want to go back! They are also very easy going! I asked for a macchiato…. “single or double shot” the girl asked in return. “Hmm, I’ll go for single”.  Ah, that was a bit confusing because the board says that a macchiato is 25 SEK but that seems to be for the double shot. The girl hesitated for a second and said “ok, it will be 10 SEK”.  That’s a good deal! And as I was about to pay, I noticed this nice pastry, like the one I had at the Blue Cats in Mariefred! Turns out it some kind of marzipan. Very good. And typically Swedish assured me the other girl, who was just as friendly as the other one, behind the counter! But that brought another difficult question: how much do I have to pay for the single shot macchiato and the marzipan? Again, the girl hesitated only a few seconds and said with the loveliest smile ever: “bah, that will be 20 SEK”.

20 SEK

Everything at Twang is about guitars and music. The guitars hanging on the wall of course, but also posters (I had Jimmy Hendrix standing behind me in the corner) and CDs playing the role of wallpaper! Twang also has a nice corner with board games and magazines.

Twang also has a live stage where they feature one or two bands per week, although they seem to take a break for the holiday season. I will certainly have to go back and enjoy some nice live music at Twang very soon.

And since I started this post with a reference to Metric, I highly recommend that you go and watch that great clip. Emily is simply the best. Tits out, pants down! Thank you Sonic Youth!

Twang Gitarrer och Kaffe, Katarina Bangata 25, 116 39 Stockholm


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The older I get, the more I drink coffee.
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8 Responses to Twang: Rock & Roll Café

  1. Hmmm, and I can’t help but wonder if sparrow in the tree top liked this post only because I said that “Emily is the best” 😉

  2. I am liking the look of the coffee in Stockholm. Good crema! It’s what I miss most about Sydney whilst living in NY. Everywhere you go in Sydney, you can get a pretty decent coffee!

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