Café Cinema: make me an offer I can’t refuse

It was a late night on Saturday. No party or clubbing. Just the discovery of Spotify! As a result it was a lazy Sunday morning today. After a discussion on Skype with my parents last night where my mom basically told me I was getting fat I decided to go for a run even though I would have preferred a nice breakfast in a café!  I felt pretty good during the run and when I came back I decided to treat myself with some comfort food: I would go get some hummus at Reggev! Unfortunately, for some reasons Reggev was closed today! That was ok. This is around Skanstul in the south part of Södermalm and there is no shortage of cafés in that area. In fact I lived in that neighborhood for a couple of weeks when I first arrived in Stockholm so I have a pretty good idea of what my options are. There is only one problem: it is already early afternoon on Sunday and most cafés are already packed…

Thankfully I remembered Café Cinema! That was an offer I could not refuse!

Café Cinema

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse

Café Cinema is a small café where, as you can imagine, cinema is everywhere. From photos on the walls, books about cinema on bookshelves and real cinema seats!

Seat 202

More cinema photos, books and seats. And a little bit of Christmas!

Last week I met a Swedish colleague at a conference on elections management bodies. She lived for some time in North America and was saying just how difficult it is to find good bagels in Stockholm. “What we call bagel here is usually just some round bread with a hole in the middle”. Well, there was hope at Café Cinema. The bagels with cream cheese at the counter certainly looked good. It might also be that I was simply hungry after my morning run. In any event, I needed food and it would be a bagel!

Stockholm style bagel?

I wish I could call my colleague and tell her I found the place where she could have a North American style bagel. But this would not be at Café Cinema. To be fair, the bagel was really good, and the cream cheese mixed with onions was very tasty. I am not quite sure how to explain it but it was simply not your typical Montreal or New York bagel. That being said, I’d be happy to have coffee with her at Café Cinema. Coffee was good, staff were friendly (although I was a bit confused when I was offered chopsticks to eat my bagel!) and the overall atmosphere quite nice.

I was disappointed that Reggev was closed but Café Cinema was a good Plan B. And as I was having coffee there I promised myself to spend more time at Skanstul!

Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me today. All photos were taken with my phone… but you can see nice photos (and more, including a nice menu with – of course – all kind of cinema references) on Café Cinema web site.

Café Cinéma, Södermannagatan 39, 116 40 Stockholm.

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7 Responses to Café Cinema: make me an offer I can’t refuse

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  2. I like the atmosphere inside. It seems very cozy.

  3. Chopsticks and bagels makes me laugh. Also – Here’s a point of common misery for you – I was eating Christmas sweets the other day and I got my half marathon “reminder” card in the mail. I’ve decided that running in December sucks and I feel it’s purely to keep the calories in check.

    • To be totally fair, the coffee girl was probably just as confused when she heard herself say chopsticks!

      Running in December is great! You know what really sucks? Running in February 😉

      Good luck with the training. Is this for the race weekend in May?

  4. I like the old cinema-style seats!

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