First Aid Kit at Södra Teatern

I know, this has nothing to do with coffee. I could try and argue that I had a cappuccino at Bauer before the show at Södra Teatern but this post is really not about coffee. It is about those two fantastic Swedish sisters and the excellent show they offered earlier this week at Södra Teatern in Stockholm.

I first heard about these girls a few weeks ago when a friend “liked” them on Facebook.  Since this was from a friend who has similar tastes of I in music I did not hesitate and immediately bought two albums on iTunes. That was the beginning of a new love affair. I listened to these albums non-stop every day. On my way to work. And back. In bed or while cleaning up the apartment. And when I realized through that First Aid Kit would play at Södra Teatern this week I immediately bought tickets. I spent a wonderful evening with my friend TJ, and the sisters Johanna and Klara. I still can’t believe that they were born in 1990 and 1993.

Södra Teatern has this fairly small bar where the band played. The acoustic was great. In fact it was so good that Johanna and Klara played one song totally unplugged, with no mics. I could talk about First Aid Kit for hours but it is much better to simply listen to their music.


For more on First Aid Kit, please visit their official website

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