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Café Fåtöljen: your comfort zone

When I woke up this morning – a bit later than usual after a late Friday night out – I was curious to see whether Stockholm on this 31 December would be as quiet as Christmas eve (for details click … Continue reading

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Schweizerkonditoriet: sometime we need a tourist trap

When I first moved to Stockholm a couple of months ago I spent a lot of time in the old town – Gamla Stan. It is a very small and beautiful island. It is by far the most touristic part … Continue reading

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Santa doesn’t do poor countries. But UNICEF does.

Sorry. I am interrupting this blog about coffee to bring you this important ad from UNICEF. Merry Christmas all!

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Café Macchiato: Beautiful Coffee

On my way to Eclair, I walked past at least ten coffee shops that would deserve a visit in the very near future. And one would definitely be visited on my way back from Eclair. The challenge: which one to … Continue reading

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Eclair: this one’s for Emily

When I woke up with a bad cold on Wednesday morning I wasn’t surprised. As far back as I can remember, I always get a bit sick during the holidays. Nothing serious but it’s like as soon as I allow … Continue reading

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Twang: Rock & Roll Café

Dead disco, dead funk, dead rock and roll! That was the Metric song playing on my iPhone as I walked into Twang Gitarrer och Kaffe. Very appropriate! Twang is also located on Katarina Bangata! It is a guitar shop AND … Continue reading

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Fröken Anderssons Kaffebar: Love is in the Air

Today is one of those days when the weather can’t decide if it should rain or snow. Frankly, the best thing to do on days like that is to buy some magazines and head into a nice cafe.  Last week … Continue reading

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Café Cinema: make me an offer I can’t refuse

It was a late night on Saturday. No party or clubbing. Just the discovery of Spotify! As a result it was a lazy Sunday morning today. After a discussion on Skype with my parents last night where my mom basically … Continue reading

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Kladdkakan: a nice stop in Gamla Stan

Today is a big day for Stockholm. Most people will know about the Nobel prize ceremony. I have been somewhat involved with a lunch at the Nobel Institute a couple of weeks ago and another lunch yesterday with the delegation … Continue reading

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First Aid Kit at Södra Teatern

I know, this has nothing to do with coffee. I could try and argue that I had a cappuccino at Bauer before the show at Södra Teatern but this post is really not about coffee. It is about those two fantastic … Continue reading

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