Espressino: the perfect coffee for a windy Sunday morning

It has been a highly successful weekend so far. It is not even noon on Sunday and I have accomplished all my objectives for this weekend: buy a new pair of glasses and get the official Swedish Christmas lights to put in my windows. Done and done! To be honest, I hate shopping. Stopping at a coffee shop on the way in or back is always a good incentive to get me out of my apartment for a shopping excursion. Yesterday I stopped at Balzac on my way to the optician. This morning I was going to get a good coffee at Espressino.

I knew that the store where I’d get my Christmas lights was only opening at 12:00 but I left a bit early to make a stop at Espressino. What I like about Espressino is that, despite being on one of Stockholm’s busiest streets, it is a fairly small coffee shop with only a couple of tables plus a few extra seats at the counter by the window. Unfortunately that also means that it is not always easy to get a seat. And of course, the place was packed when I got there around 11:30. I was a bit disappointed but the weather was great – a bit of rain with strong winds – so I decided to wander on Götgatan and look at all the beautiful people on their bicycle or talking a walk with their newborns in the strollers. Apparently I am not the only one enjoying this kind of pre-storm weather. I still hadn’t had coffee but I was happy as I was walking in the rain. And sharp at noon I walked into my favorite magazines store and got a few music magazines before buying the famous Christmas lights and a few candles at the store next door.

Not the traditional triangle shape but this will have to do!

As I was walking out of the store with my new Christmas lights, I was reviewing my options should Espressino still be packed. There is no shortage of coffee shops on Götgatan and I was confident I would have a good coffee before getting back home. It must have been my lucky day because when I passed in front of Espressino it was totally empty. For a second I even thought that they probably had to close the place suddenly as the thought of it being empty was just beyond belief.  But no, the door was open so I just walked in. And it was perfect.  First, all those kanelbulle, toscabulle and other nice things were right there, waiting for me. And the guy working there this morning had the perfect Hercule Poirot mustache – providing yet another excellent justification for my blog’s name! At that point the only thing missing was a coffee but I knew this would be coming soon.

How to get fat in Stockholm's coffee shops

I just couldn’t resist. I wanted one of the bulle. I was going to get the traditional kanelbulle when the guy with the Hercule Poirot mustache recommended the toscabulle.  It was very nice with some caramel and almonds. So I had a toscabulle with a cappuccino and within a couple of minutes of me sitting at the counter by the window Espressino was packed again. I like to think that I looked so happy at the moment that passers-by had no option but to come in.

Espressino has a great location to do some people watching. Sitting by the window looking on Götgatan. I really hope that I will be lucky again very soon and have to chance to sit on one of the five chairs by the window.

Espressino: because they love coffee!

Espressino: Götgatan 11, Södermalm, Stockholm

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The older I get, the more I drink coffee.
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2 Responses to Espressino: the perfect coffee for a windy Sunday morning

  1. A) I love Poirot!! I didn’t know you were a fan 😉
    B) I’m super excited that you are bringing in the Christmas Spirit!!
    C) I WANT/need to have the toscabulle

    Also – do you drink your espresso black? I’m usually a milk and sugar coffee drinker but when you have something like toscabulle on the side of an amazing espresso.. I just like it strong and au natural!!
    Happy coffee drinking and happy almost december!!

    • A) then you will also like my new friend at Espressino
      B) I don’t know how this happened! First time I do this as a single guy!
      C) yes you do

      I never add anything to my coffee myself. So espresso will always be black. I used to add sugar to my cappuccino back home but I stopped that here. There is simply no need for it.

      How is life these days? From what I read you seem to be the pigeon more than the statue

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