Franzéns: The Girl with the Piano Tattoo

I’ve been living in temporary accommodations since 27 July. But there is hope. It looks like I may be moving into my place by the end of the week. It’s not quite ready but the washing machine and dryer are working so this morning I decided I would do laundry at MY apartment. That would also give me a good opportunity to explore coffee shops in my new neighborhood. This is how I discovered Franzéns.

Franzéns is on a fairly busy street, yet when you walk into the shop it feels so peaceful. I almost resented the fact that it was so nice today, which meant that I had to sit outside. There are indeed a few tables on the sidewalk which allow clients to absorb a bit more sun before it disappears in the long Swedish winter. But I shouldn’t worry too much. Franzéns is literally 5 minutes from my new place. I will be there often. And for many reasons. First, the cappuccino was very good. I also enjoyed the hummus and feta sandwich. Probably some of the best hummus I had so far in Stockholm. And the feta was delicious. A very nice combination.

Hummus and feta sandwich and cappuccino

And let’s be honest. I will also go back because the girl working at Franzéns this morning was very friendly. And she had a nice piano tattoo on her arm! And with all this I forgot the laundry. I had to go back this evening and put my clothes in the dryer…

Franzéns, Hornsgatan 32, 118 20 Stockholm

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2 Responses to Franzéns: The Girl with the Piano Tattoo

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  2. mmm that sandwich looks delicious! Are you all officially moved in?!

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