Garbage day any day

I usually don’t know where I am going when I get off the door on a Saturday or Sunday morning. I sometimes have places where I want to go at some point during the day but no clear immediate plans. Today was different. I had two things I needed to do before anything else: get the garbage out and go to Blooms.

I come from a country where garbages are being collected once a week. In my case it was on Tuesdays. I simply had to throw the garbage bags on the sidewalk on Monday night or first thing on Tuesday morning. And I would do the same thing with the recycling bins on Thurday mornings. That was pretty simple, although it would suck when you skipped a week….

In my last posting abroad I lived in a country where people had to take their garbage out to the garbage bins somewhere in the neighborhood. In my case it was fairly easy as those bins were right across the street.

Garbage collection in Stockholm is a bit like it was in Serbia, just a bit more sophisticated. And in my case a bit further away from my home.  There is not one bin but several with each designated for different kind of recycling. But I am getting ahead of myself. I haven’t found those bins yet. But I am confident so off I go with my garbage bag.  And I walked and I walked. I can see people staring at me with my garbage bag and this is when I realize that I am probably going in the wrong direction. But I can’t be sure. But I have a solution: I will ask the next person I see… It happens tobe a young lady running and she has no time to stop to answer questions from a stranger. The next one is an older man but he doesn’t know. I guess his wife is responsible for that domestic duty! So, after a few minutes of walking I found myself in a park with multiple little garbage cans. I know, these are not made for the house garbages. But it is early in the morning and nobody will see me. So I unwrapped my garbage bag and reluctantly dump everything in the park’s garbage bins. Sorry Stockholm. And of cours, on my way back to catch the bus I see the official garbage bins. Well, I will know for next time!

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