Blooms: Beating the line up!

Yesterday I walked by Blooms but I was so decided to have breakfast at Rival that I simply passed by, promisimg myself that I would come back for coffee #2. Of course, by 11:00 it was packed. There was even a line up. Line ups is what I used to do when I was cool…. Now there are plenty of other coffee shops! This is how I discovered Kaffee yesterday.

This morning I was decided to beat the crowd and I was at Blooms at 9:30. It opens at 10:00. Not a problem. This is Mariatorget. I can sit in the park and enjoy the fine Sunday morning in Södermalm.

Blooms at 10:00 is lovely. Not too many people. Good cappuccino. Great chocolate croissant. Many sandwiches to chose from, muffins AND a breakfast buffet! I think I will get their coffee card. I will be here often. Now, if the staff were a bit nicer this would be perfect.  But maybe they were tired. Or shy. They were smiling by the time I was leaving….

You can't walk by the window and not stop!

Next time staff will be in the photo - if they smile 🙂


Blloms, S:t Paulsgatan 24, 11846 Stockholm

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The older I get, the more I drink coffee.
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